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Artist's Statement

I forge, form, carve, and meticulously construct my jewelry one piece at a time. By combining different materials and textures, I'm able to create contrast and dimension. Each distinctive piece feels classically hand made, elegant, and refined. My heirloom jewelry is designed to stand the test of time, to function properly, and to be truly comfortable. I'm always challenging myself to use innovative techniques and methods, yet stay committed to the fundamentals of my craft. I admire the solid richness of hand wrought metal implements from the old world. When my jewelry is interpreted as medieval, it's a considerable compliment. 

A large part of my business is collaborating with you to create your next favorite piece of jewelry. It is of paramount importance to me to deliver a quality product that you're completely satisfied with. My specialty is impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Todd's creations are engineered for quality and designed for comfort. His background as a toolmaker clearly shines through with his high quality standards and meticulous construction. Todd has a passion for the elements and materials he works with. He believes there is a "level of credibility" that comes from following the traditions of the old world craftsmen. By blending this with his own technical abilities, a style has emerged that's all his own.
His work is represented at the Jett Gallery in Santa Fe, Cultureclash Gallery in Salida and in Vail Colorado at Karats Gallery. Todd's distinctive jewelry and sculptures are collected by devoted admirer's around the world. Starting at a very early age, he garnered enthusiastic praise and won awards for his art.
Following his graduation from Evergreen High School, Todd started his apprenticeship and career as a journeyman toolmaker. As computer technology became the principal way of doing things, Todd recognized the need to redirect himself to more primitive ways of making things. Primarily self taught as an artist, Todd says he "learns from everyone and everything all along the way".

Although he was born seaside in Key West, Florida, Todd has spent almost all his life in the mountains of Colorado. He has created a life of harmony and creativity in a town he calls "Pleasantville", commonly known as Salida.


Crafting a singular artifact for a specific person is very rewarding for me. Collaborating directly with my customers is the key. Exchanging ideas opens the mind and invigorates creativity. Through this process, I am able to build personal and lasting relationships with people who share the wonder of hand wrought treasures.
Pricing: All of my work is built one piece at at time, meticulously constructed to stand the test of time, I guarantee it. Because of the tremendous variables involved with pricing custom pieces, it will be best to discuss the characteristics of your particular project before I can give you an estimated price. Please call for pricing and more information.

Jewelry Artist Magazine - September 2010
Lapidary Journal - June 2002


Gallery Representation
Cultureclash Gallery - Salida, CO
Jett Gallery - Santa Fe, NM
Karats Gallery - Vail, CO
Colorado Metalsmithing Association / 1999 - Present
Chaffee County Council on the Arts / 2000 - Present
Best in Show - Sculpture / Arkansas Valley Art Center - Buena Vista, CO 2003
Second Place - Multimedia Sculpture / CCCA Regional SHow - 2000 and 2002
Exhibitions & Bodies of Work

"Define: Abstraction" - Group Exhibition / Arkansas Valley Art Center - Buena Vista, CO 2003
"Metal Melange" - Group Exhibition / Improv Contemporary Art - Ft. Collins, CO 2003
Regional Shows - Chaffee County Council on the Arts (CCCA) / Buena Vista, CO 2000-2002


Todd Tychewicz
Salida, Colorado
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